Virgo meets Aquarium on Lion Street

Posted in Uncategorized by Vinícius . on março 29, 2012

Nearby your intense fluctuation, there is a big part of the resident shelf in myself.

Across your intentions, begins my struggling climb to your knees.

Repulses me, then i’m falling out of your feet.

People around me are colorful, with a slightly darkness in their eyes. Big glasses, soft skins.

The astrology crosses the subjects,

Aquarians are air, they have wings.

Virgos, like yourself, are earth, they have roots.

– I always fall in love with Aquarium.

– Yes, virgo.


Posted in Uncategorized by Vinícius . on março 18, 2012

é que teu samba é mais quebrado comigo

teu lugar é ao lado meu

o ritmo preso de nossas cinturas aconchegadas na corda bamba.

tu sambas com outros amores

mas toda vez que o samba toca, é a mim que amas.